Friday, July 27, 2012

Tool 9

Tool 9

1. Important to tie technology to the obj.:
     The technology activity needs to be tied to the objective so it has a purpose not just fun and games.  If it isn't tied to the objective, it isn't congruent.

2. Accountable for the stations/centers:
     The students need to be held accountable for their work at the stations/centers.  If they are not held accountable, the students feel it is play time and not take it seriously.  I feel this is an area that I need to improve on.

3. 2 interactive websites that I liked:
    A.  Mangahigh:  This past year, my students used Mangahigh to review/learn math concepts and challenged themselves.  My students had competitions among each other as well as a competition with Sally Craddock's  class.  This is a wonderful website to be used during math workstation time.  They had the choice to play the games and work on the activities that I have chosen for the class by a certain date.  It was easy to see who was completing the activities and who wasn't.  However, it was time consuming to look up on the computers to see who was completing the activities and changing them.  Many times, my students were reminding me to add more activities because it was past the due dates.  At the end of the year, I tried to have a student choose activities for the class to work on.  That didn't go well.  I also added this website to Edmodo.  My Mangahigh die hearts loved to work on activities at home.  I enjoyed reading their comments to see where students were.  For example: gold, bronze, or silver on different challenges.
   B.  Learning Games for Kids:  This website would be great during math/reading workstation time.  I can create on Google Docs links to the different websites/stations that need to be completed that week.  As they have completed them, they will need to bold it and write a reflection about it.  This I feel will be a great way for the students to work on the writing skills with their brief reflections.  I think this is great but I will need to learn how to use Google Docs to download the links/list of the stations plus a place for them to write their reflection.  Lisa Branon... will we learn how to do this.  I will need help with this.  Quick and easy way to see   who has completed them plus read their reflection to see if they really understood the activity they were completing at the station.

4. 2 or 3 apps to use in my classroom:
   A. Educreations Interactive Whiteboard: This seems to be an awesome app.  I have already played with it and downloaded a simple video for me to watch.  This is a great workstation for the students to use to during the day.  I feel this is a great way to show accountability.  Each week I can assign one station and when they have finished the station, they will go onto this app and describe through drawing and talking what they learned, etc.  I am able to listen/watch each of their videos plus it lets me know who understood the activity. It can also be used as part of a presentation to the class and it can be emailed to me or other student accounts.  I look forward to trying this app in the classroom.  I have shared this app with several people.
  B.  Bamboo Paper: This app seems interesting.  This could be part of a workstation.  It can be integrated with math, writing, science, social studies.  In math and science (depending on the concept), they can go around the school and use the ipad to take some pictures according to the concept.  When finished, they can choose pictures to use in the app and sketch their thoughts.   By reading their thoughts with the pictures that were chosen is a way for me to see if they understand the concept.  This is a easy way to check it and grade them as a project or observation grade.

5. Other ways to use the Ipad in the classroom:  I can see so many ways to use the Ipad.  The list can go on.  Here are a few ideas that I can be used in workstations, part of a minilesson (temp.  look up cities and graph the temp. of different cities), voc. development, instant information at the tips of their fingers (not sure of a topic as a class look it up right away), record their reading (share at parent conferences), etc.

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