Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool 8

Tool 8

1. List two or three things I learned about the devices...
    A.  The Netbooks will come with a built in webcam to be able to collaborate with others through Skype, make videos, and take still photos.
    B.   Periodically you will need to connect the Netbooks overnight so technology services can push out any updates.  I think that is wonderful.  This way the district doesn't need to send tech people to the campuses to update the netbooks.
    C.   By using the Ipad, I am able to use my district Itunes account to download podcasts, music, movies, books, and apps.  I have been searching through the district approved apps that are going to be helpful during reading and math workstation times.  I am looking forward to this coming school year because I have a better understanding on how to integrate technology throughout the day within my lessons, during workstation time, and as part of their homework.

2. Plan to manage the devices in the classroom...
 The suggestions given were excellent ideas.  Actually, a few of the ideas I have incorporated into my classroom last year.  I had 2 students who handled turning the computers on in the morning and logged in.  At the end of the day, they were turned off and plugged in to be recharged.  I will continue this same job this coming school year.  A month into the school year, as a class we developed some classroom guidelines.  We discussed as a class how to print and the printer to print to, some basic ways to trouble shoot the computer, ways to save, etc.  The class decided 5 students as there go to person when a situation arose.  The guidelines were typed up and posted as a reminder by the computers.  With the new year starting soon, we will develop guidelines/management of the Ipads and Netbooks sooner.   They will be posted in the classroom so the students always have a reference to refer to.   This year, I will have the 2 students who took care of the computers will be the students that report to me about a issue happening to a computer.  In the past, they wrote on a sticky note and attached it to the minis and student desktops.  Usually, the sticky note fell off and wasn't aware of it or I forgot to put in a geek ticket.  Next to my desk this year, I will have an excel sheet attached to a clipboard where they will write it on as a reminder to me and I can check it off when I reported it or fixed it.  

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  1. Great idea for teaching guidelines for taking care of the tech. I think there should be a time for sharing ideas for management. Since you have created a poster for your students, you could tell others how you broke it down. I am just seeing everyone thinking of some great ideas to utilize these new tech devices in the classroom.