Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tool 7

Tool 7:
Content Objective:
TLW describe which branch of government they would like to work in
When you plan to implement: Fall 2012
What tools you plan to use: Wallwisher, books, websites, activboard, edmodo
Description of the project: As a class, the teacher will use the activboard and other websites/books to present information about the three different branches of government.  They will develop a flipbook to keep their notes.  At the end, the students will use their flipbook to help them decide which branch they would like to work for.  They will go onto Edmodo to post a comment on wallwisher.
The wallwisher can be opened up by another third grade class on our grade level.  The classes can discuss their thoughts/findings about the postings.  They can compare and contrast their class comments with another class comments.  This can even go further with another third grade class in the district.  

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