Friday, July 20, 2012

Tool 6

2011-2012 Edmodo Account for my class
1. Edmodo:  Above is a screen shot of my Edmodo account.  I used Edmodo throughout last school year.  The students thoroughly enjoyed using it.  As I presented new material, video, website, downloaded book, etc. my students asked me to download it to Edmodo.  This past year my students watched Brainpop and Discovery Education videos, read articles, DKA books downloaded from science, math games, completed mangahigh and wallwisher assignments, commented on books, questions were added to help them review for a test.  My students loved this tool.  They opened up Edmodo during workstation times, came in early to add comments, and even a student from my class that moved to Canada in Feb. was able to have access and work on assignments that I added to it.  Many of the students have written a question w/answer choices for other students to answer.  This is how they tested each other for a test or wrote a trivia question with answer questions.  It was a joy to read their comments and be able to comment back.  I had to have discussions with them about how it is not a "facebook account" where they can write social questions but it is used for only academics.  They did get into the habit of writing a comment to someone mentioning to them that their comment or question wasn't academic related.  The parents have made numerous comments to me about Edmodo and how they appreciate the use of it so they are able to see what their child is learning in class, ways to help them study for a test, and reminders for upcoming events or reminders.  They like the fact that they are able to get notices on their email accounts when I posted an assignment on Edmodo.

2.Skype: username: angelabuegeler
     I use Skype with my family but haven't used it in the classroom.  I just downloaded Skype onto my classroom computer.  I will be unable to use it on my classroom computer because it doesn't have a built in webcam but the IPads have the built in webcams.  This past year I did participate in a Skype with John O'Flahaven.  It was great having the opportunity to have a face to face discussion with him.  My students also wanted to Skype a student in our class that moved to Canada.  We were unable to do it.  This year I look forward to using this tool with my class.  We can have a class Skype session with an author, another class within our district or another location within the US or another country, scientist, etc.  I also would like to use this during book club time.  When students have completed a book club, they could set up a Skype session with the author.  I feel the students would thoroughly enjoy this.  Two years ago, our librarian Lisa Branon, set up a Skype session with Wendy Mass.  The students were excited to do this.  The only draw back was too many students at one time.

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  1. You could always buy a camera to attach to computer if you wanted to use your desktop to Skype. You could use your grade level money. just a thought...