Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tool 5

Wordle: Cody's characteristicsTool 5:
1.Wordle: Cody's characteristics

This is an activity that can be embedded into any subject area.  It can be a review for a test, characteristics of a character, etc.  Test review:  different students in a class can take a main concept before a test, use wordle, and give each student a copy of the different wordles to help them review for a test.   In science, the students research different natural hazards and each group can research a natural disaster and develop a wordle from their research, and present  to the class.

Dog Day Afternoon by buegelea on Storybird

I tried embedding this with the html, however it does not appear to be working properly.  Click on the title "Dog Day Afternoon" and at that point I am able to access the Storybird.  This tool can be incorporated into the classroom during writing time.  It can be used as the student(s) have completed their written assignments.  They can develop a story individually or with a partner using this tool.  After they have been taught the basics of writing a story, they will be able to incorporate it into a published story.  By using the example that I created the students can analyze it to see if I have the elements to a good story.  I'll show them how to produce one and they can then practice and create their own story.  After being published, they can  invite their parent(s) to read it at home.  This tool can be used all year long.

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