Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tool 11

Tool 11:

1. Favorite tools I have in my personal technology toolbox: This is hard to answer because I liked so many of the tools.  In the past I had a class blog and an Edmodo account.  I am going to continue with Edmodo because I feel there is so much you can do with it.  Especially a different way for students to complete their homework assignments, test review, watch videos, etc.  It was wonderful because I had a student that moved to Canada and she was able to be part of the class.  She had such determination because she completed the assignments that I embedded on Edmodo.  I had a class blog and didn't feel it went over well.  Since my toolbox is fueled with so many new ideas, I will possibly develop a class blog and invite the students to be part of it.  We can develop it together by brainstorming what we would like to have on our class blog besides myself doing all the work.  If they work on it, it will be user friendly for them.  I like the dropbox and look forward to using it.  Since my class will have more technology, it will be great to create files, download apps, etc and share it in the dropbox.  It is user friendly so I don't have to download programs to each computer.  That does take time.   My students have used Google docs but now I have a better understanding on how to use it within our team.  It is great to develop a document and each team member can make changes to it with out sending emails back and forth.  When my class is studying famous people, they can use google docs to present their information.  Also, they can develop a few questions for the students to answer after their presentation.

2. Transformed my thinking about learning what will take place: At this point I am in awwww because there are many new tools that I am able to use to enhance the curriculum that I will be presenting to my class this year.  I feel like I am a kid as I am learning the new tools.  I want to begin now because I feel when the school year begins that I may forget about the cool tools, apps, etc.  My vision has changed about becoming a 21 century teacher/learner.  At times, I didn't want to use the technology for my students as well as my own daughter.  I felt the students/my daughter used it as play time.  Now that I have the new piece, accountability, I have a new passion for using technology more in my class.  The 11 Tools have given me so many ways to use it and ways to make it manageable in the room.  I feel I do not need to make any changes to my classroom to accommodate the 21st century learner because the tech people have done it for us.  The computers, network storage, etc.  The challenge for me will be embedding it into my curriculum.  It will be great to work with our team as we develop long range plans for the next school year in workstations, mini lessons, projects, etc.

3. Unexpected Outcomes:  At first, I was apprehensive about working through the 11 Tools.  Now that I have finished, I have a feeling of completeness and excitement because it wasn't that bad.  It did take me a while to complete each tool because I was really digesting each new piece of information that I learned.  As I was looking through the different apps, I was downloading ones that I liked right away.  My daughter was sitting and watching me work through the different tools.  She was excited and hoped her second grade teacher used them too.  Now that I am finished, I feel that I may forget some of the tools, and need to refer back to the 11 Tools as reminders.  Will there be a sheet or a place that we can go to with a list of different tools that we were taught?


  1. I love the way you and your third grade team have been so reflective for 11 Tools. You guys give it your all when you are learning professional knowledge. Tell Cassie that second grade is really rolling with technology and she can expect a fun year! Great job, Angela!

  2. Thank you so much... I keep telling Cassie that she doesn't need to worry about technology in second grade. Since they had the grant, they are more of an expert than I am. I learned so much from this experience.