Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tool 10

Tool 10:

1.  At least three things my students need to understand about good digital citizens:
     A.  learners need to know how to operate safely, friendly and ethically in the digital world
B. teach them about the copyright laws
C. not to give out personal information about themselves

2. One resource I plan to use instructionally:
A. Since the students are familiar with brainpop, I will use a video from brainpop for them to watch. I can also add the video to Edmodo so the students can review it with their parents at home. Another resource I can use is the Youtube Mouse Tales.

3. How I would "teach" the idea of digital citizenship to my students:
 The lessons will be revolved around safety and netiquette:
First of all we will discuss what digital citizenship means..
1. As a class, the students will take a cyberspace pretest... 10 questions (website is Cybersmart Kids). Great classroom discussion
2. Watch a brainpop video/Mouse Tales
3. Cybersmart Kids website can be used at the beginning of the year as part of their workstation times to review cyberbullying, safety, netiquette

4. Plan to share the idea of digital citizenship with parents:
  A. Discuss it at curriculum night and discuss different websites they can use as reminders to help their children
B. Each parent will need to read and sign the following document:

Spring Branch ISD Student Acceptable Use Policy 

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