Monday, June 11, 2012

Tool #3

The site that I feel is the most useful for me is Discovery Education.  The content is age appropriate for my students.  This site can be used as a full class, small groups, and also embedded into edmodo for the students to watch at home as part of their homework.  The two videos I have chosen are a science and social studies video that I can use this coming school year.

I learned that you can not repurpose copywrite materials.  I also learned that you can use small parts not the whole part of the materials.

I can use the dropbox  in different ways in my classroom.  I can use it in workstations, full class, and small group instructions.  The students can have access to flipcharts, videos, and documents from any computer. In the past, I downloaded flipcharts, videos, etc. in the Sweden folder and when the students used the minis or student computers, it wasn't always working.  It would get frustrated spending part of my day or planning time adding to the student Sweden folder and finding out Sweden wasn't working when they tried to get on and they were unable to complete the assignment.

 I even tried to download the dropbox on my Ipad and have talked to other people outside of education.  They were familiar with the dropbox and have used it for a while.

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