Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Post #4

Post 4

The Google App that I would be most effective for my students, teammates, and myself.  As a team, we can share a letter among each other and we can make changes on it.  My students can present  their new learning in different forms.  They can present their new learning by creating a presentation.  I had several students that developed a presentation during reading time or when they researched a new topic.  It was used to book talk about the book they have finished reading or presenting their new learning.   It was easy for them to access Google Doc on any computer in my classroom/library to work on it.  When they were ready to present, they opened it up and was able to share with the whole class.  They also liked the idea to share with their parents at home.  With creating the form, I can develop pretest questions before a new unit to see what they know ahead of time.  Students can also create questions from their book club, help study for a test, etc.  I know many of my students have created documents during writing workshop time.  It is great how it saves it along the way for them.  When the students use Microsoft Word, if they didn't save every few minutes, they could loose the work they have typed in. I feel my students have a great grasp on creating documents, I would like to share with them how the create a form and how to develop better presentations (I feel they know the basics of it).

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  1. You are doing a great job, Angela. Keep it up!